7813 Chocolate Butterscotch (32 Gms)



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Chocofarm Chocolicious Butterscotch Chocolate – 32 Grams

Our chocolate-covered Butterscotch create a heavenly matrimony between fine nuts and rich chocolate. chocolate-covered Peanuts (also known as chocolate Butterscotch ) are made with semi-sweet chocolate and whole, dry-roasted Butterscotch . Simultaneously simple and exquisite.

Chocofarm Chocolicious Butterscotch 

What makes our supreme chocolate-covered Butterscotch so sinfully supreme? The bold strength of our chocolate covering. paired with our finest dry-roasted Butterscotch . Supreme chocolate-covered Butterscotch are a deluxe dessert you can eat by the handful.

Chocolate Covered Nuts

Our chocolate-covered Butterscotch let you enjoy your favorite nutty treat. Enjoy this treat with other nuts for an energy-packed snack, or as a standalone dessert. Butterscotch are a metabolism-friendly food. Enjoy chocolate and nuts the sweet-but-safe way added chocolate- covered Butterscotch.

Panned Confectionery

Ingredients: Choco(Sugar, Hydrogenated Vegetable Fat, Milk solids, Cocoa solids, Maltodextrin, Emulsifier(INS 322, INS 476)), Roasted Butterscotch , Stabiliser (INS 414), Liquid Glucose, Preservative (INS 202), Acidity Regulator (INS 330), Glazing Agent(INS 904)

Contains Added Flavour (Artificial (Vanillin) Flavoring Substances)

Allergen Information:

Contains Milk, Butterscotch , Soya and may contain an occasional traces of other tree nuts and dried fruits

Storage Condition: Store in a Cool, Hygienic and Dry place, away from direct sunlight