2580 Airtight Kitchen Container for Multipurpose Use 600ml



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?? Square Modular Sealed Cans/Jars/Storage Container for Food Cereals Grain Sealed Container

Modular storage containers are just what your kitchen needs to look more organised and smart. This range of containers caters to all your needs and requirements. From small containers to have your spices to jumbo sets for rice and flour; The range is made of food safe plastic which leaves no chemicals into your food and keeps it healthy and fresh for long.

?? The containers are made of high quality BPA free virgin plastic which does not leach any chemicals into your food.

?? Modular containers come with spill proof lids which ensure zero leakage. The lids are also conveniently designed to felicitate easy opening and closing

?? Modular containers are made of 100% virgin plastic which lands the product great sturdiness and an incredible durability.

?? Durable Material
Made from heavy-duty, high-quality plastic, these containers give you several years of hassle-free usage. They do not break or crack and offer a long enduring adornment for your modular kitchen. They are designed to stand the rigors of day to day life.

?? Versatile Usage
These containers are suitable for cereal, snacks, flour, nuts, sugar, coffee, tea, dry pet food, or any other things you may need to store!

?? Microwave and Freezer Safe
These containers may be used to heat food in a microwave without the lid as it is microwave safe. The containers can also be used to store food in the refrigerator as they are freezer friendly as well.

?? Dishwasher Safe
This set of sturdy kitchen storage containers are easy to clean and maintain. They can be cleaned in a dishwasher or washed manually using a non-abrasive scrub/ sponge along with dish wash soap.