0600 Mini Pocket Size 2 in 1 Slotted Cross Head Double Sided Flat Magnetic Screwdriver with PVC Plastic Coated Handle



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1.Anti-Corrosive Durable Material : Our screwdriver tools are made with high quality material which are heat treated, chrome plated finish which protect against corrosion and give our bits added durability and strength.

2. Helps to Generate More Torque :All our screwdrivers are built with an ergonomic, comfortable PP and soft TPR handle. These large handles allow you to generate more torque with less effort

3. Essential Multi functional Tool Set :   With a wide range of functions, these screwdrivers are ideal for your home improvement needs and are a perfect addition to your tool kit.

4. Easy To Carry : The case is easy to carry with its built-in handle; your tool kit can come with you wherever it is needed.