0054 Choco Nutri Chocolate Spreads – Premium Hazelnuts Spreads – 350 gm



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  • Flavour: Hazelnuts Spreads, 350 gm.
  • Add to cakes, cookies, puddings, kheer or even oatmeal. Decorate frozen desserts with these, only limited by your imagination.
  • Made from finest quality Ingredients 100 percent
  • Blissfully tropical, delightful Cocoa Flavour

Choco Nutri Spreads

made with pure fruit and minimum sugar, our unique jams and preserves are sure to light up your breakfast and desserts! Use them to add a yummy twist to not-just-toast, but also bagels, pancakes, waffles, crepes, cakes, pies & smoothies.

Chocotown Hazelnuts Spreads

Chocotown Hazelnuts Spread is a blend of rich Coco beans. Preciously made for those who prefer pure taste of Hazelnuts. It will surely satisfy your taste buds. Still you can’t have enough of it. Hence,you can spread it on roti, bread, paratha, waffle, doughnut ,pancake, cake.


sugar, edible vegetable oil(palm oil),
milk solids, Hazelnuts solids (6%), hydrogenated
vegetable fat (palm oil & sesame oil),
antioxidant 322(i) and edible common salt