1623 Stylish Umbrella Folding Plastic Wine Bottle Deco Umbrella (Multicolor)

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? Portable Folding Wine Bottle Travel Umbrella with Plastic Case ?

1623 Apple Winebottle Umbrella

Compact automatic fashion wine bottle folding anti uv parasol sun rain umbrella. This is not only a pretty bottle when you open the bottle and you can pull out a nice umbrella. It can be stood as a bottle of wine or can be hung as an excellent ornament with a rope. When not in use can be stored in a compact carrying case, no-drip mess or no wet floors. For those occasions that we are treated to a downpour, pop up a spirited solution to fashionably protect yourself. Ideal for the rainy season. Has strap for easy carrying and storage. There is a rope hidden in the cork, pull it out can be easy to hang up the umbrella. The waterproof bottle prevents drips from wetting floor or clothes. It is perfect for travelling or storing in your bag. It can be the best ing choice.


? COMFORTABLE BOTTLE SHAPE HANDS FREE USE: It is not only a pretty bottle but a pretty umbrella when you open the top of the bottle and pull it out. You can keep the wet umbrella inside the bottle. This is absolutely a nice choice to present it as a interesting gift .The durable umbrella has been specifically designed for comfortable use. Simply cross it over your arm and your hands will be free to use your mobile, carry your baby, bag or shopping with ease while remaining out of the rain.

? PERFECT FOR SUNNY & RAINY WEATHER: Our car umbrella is perfect for opening and closing in a confined space or in a tight door angle when getting out of your car without getting soaked! And while it’s the perfect umbrella to shield you from rain, you can also use it for sun protection. The double layer sunscreen fabric allows for full light blockage and UV protection with a UPF value of 50+.

? DURABLE CONSTRUCTION – WINDPROOF: Constructed using exclusively premium quality materials and boasting a durable skeleton, 8 double layer ribs and strong pongee cloth, our upside down umbrella is very sturdy. You will use it for years as the strong construction guarantees longevity and has an enhanced windproof effect.

? EASILY PORTABLE WITH BOTTLE COVER: With our windproof umbrella we also include a convenient bottle cover for easy transportation, umbrella protection and efficient storage in your home or vehicle. When in use, our inside out umbrella can stand on its own without you having to prop it somewhere to dry, as the wet side of the umbrella remains inside once you close it.

? Specifications

Designed in a bottle compact manner, has folding opening
Automatic style.
Umbrella cloth material : polyester fabric
Bottle material: plastic umbrella
Diameter : about 105cm (open)
Umbrella rod length : about 31~58cm
bottle diameter : about 5cm,
bottle height : about 31cm