2330 Stainless Steel Salad Vegetable Potato Chips Cutter Chopper

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? Stainless Steel, Iron, Plastic Wafer Maker/vegetable Cutter/vegetable And Fruit Slicer/potato Slicer/vegetable Slicer ?

Wafer Maker is suitable for Vegetable Cuttings. Wafer Maker consist Hard Coated Iron Wheel and Stand. This wafer Maker is Easy Vegetable Hand Cutter. Easy to Operate. Primelife Wafer maker makes hassel free task to make potato chips and other vegetable slicing. Sharp and strong Blade easy to handle and user friendly design made for easy washable stainless steel and plastic equipment

This wafer maker consist hard coated iron wheel and stand. This is very easy vegetable hand cutter tool. It is very easy to use and very helpful to make potato and other vegetable slices. Easy to use and wash.

? Features

? Easy to use, helps you to slice potatoes, cucumber, onions, tomatoes etc.
? No electric power required to operate.
? Easy and fast with less effort and perfection gives you each slice same wick look perfect.
? Material: Stainless steel Blade, Adjustable Slice Cutting Lock
? The perfect staple in your kitchen