2390 Leak Proof and Microwave Safe Lunch Box

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? Plastic Lunch Box

? Microwave Safe
The virgin plastic containers are fit to be put in a microwave. It saves you all the hassle of transferring food from one container to another for heating.

? 100% Food Grade Material
Lunch boxe is made of high quality BPA free virgin plastic which does not leach any chemicals into your food, even when stuffed with hot food.

? 100% Leak-Proof
Lunch boxe come with spill proof lids which ensure zero leakage. The lids are also conveniently designed to felicitate easy opening and closing.

? Virgin Plastic Material
Lunch box is made of 100% virgin plastic which lands the product great sturdiness and an incredible durability.

? Easy to Clean
Lunch box can be easily hand washed or cleaned in a dishwasher. This function saves valuable time and increases the overall efficiency of the lunch box.

? Overview
? Microwave Safe
? Air tight container that keep food fresh for long
? Ideal for dry and semi-dry items
? Easy to carry
? Ideal for office going people
? Easy to open and close and clean