About u -Cotton Boyshort Underwear (PK OF 2)

Rs.499.00 (Including GST)

✓ Brand : About U
✓ Style :Boyshort
✓ Size :M, S
✓ Material : Cotton
✓ Colour : Assorted

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About u -Cotton Boyshort Underwear (PK OF 2)

These soft ,silky and light cotton boyshort will make you feel comfortable for whole day.

-Satin touch elastic waistband with embossed logo
-Flexible edges allows snug fit
-Low waist boyshort brief
-Optimum rear and front coverage
-Layered gusset allows hygiene


Why Boyshort????

COMFORT The best part of wearing About u-cotton boyshort underwear(pk of 2) is that they’ll make you feel much more confident about your body. It doesn’t matter that no one around you can tell what’s under your jeans, because you know and that’s the important thing. So put on your favourite boyshort and walk with confidence!


LESS ACNE If you wear basic types of underwear, it can cause friction on your bottom and make you break out. With About U boyshort, that won’t happen, so your skin will stay clear down there.


FEEL SEXY Boyshort aren’t something that little kids wear, so wearing quality thong underwear can make you feel more sexy. It proves that you’re old enough to make your own decisions and wear what you want to wear. It’s a great way to feel like an actual adult.

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M, S




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